screenshot-2016-12-16-13-22-07   So I have no idea how to start an about me and not be awkward so let’s just do this. I’m Kasie, or some call me peachess, a 25 year old from sunny southern california. I am a healthy lifestyle chef and own a catering company called Kay & Kay Catering. I had a few of those monumental moments in my life that led me in directions that ultimately got me to where I am today. The first moment was at age 19; I was a week away from starting cosmetology school at Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in Costa Mesa, CA. That week before school started I found out I was pregnant….(I was scared)….I was young and didn’t have my life figured out in any way…..and I was about to become a single mother. But I found strength in becoming a mother and it brought me solace in a world that felt it was about to get a lot harder. I decided not to attend cosmetology school and instead signed up for a local community college and attended school throughout my pregnancy. In December of 2010 my little peach was born. She was EVERYTHING. img_1422img_1421

For the next 2 years I continued school and worked various part-time jobs. For a while I was so focused on providing for my daughter and I that I fell into living life just to get by. Now, I’ve always believed in being passionate about what you do and never settling for less than what you can manifest. I was miserable working minimum wage jobs and going to school. The typical 9-5 route seemed so blah and bleak to me. I knew I wanted to be my own boss but didn’t know what I wanted to be the boss of.

That was until in 2012, my cousin was to be married and my aunt did a lot of the planning. Before the wedding, my aunt called my mother and told her she hadn’t planned for any appetizers during cocktail hour. I overheard what happened and something in me clicked. A rush of inspiration, and creativity filled me and I wrote down a few appetizer ideas for my aunt. I presented the menu options to the bride and groom and they loved it! So that was that, I was hired to make 4 different appetizers for 80-100 people.

I didn’t realize how important it was to have quality photos of your work at the time. This is the only photo I have of my first catering job.

I prepared myself as much as I could based on my knowledge (which was honestly none…I had never done anything like this). The wedding day came and I couldn’t wait! I did everything from planning, menu, food prep, execution, and set up.


There was a moment I was in the kitchen alone with my headphones, getting down and I had my second monumental moment in life. It came from the inner core of my being as if my soul smiled and I knew that this was my path and route in life. I finished out the cocktail hour with success and a new fire and hunger to know more about catering. It also helped that I changed my clothes and got to go enjoy the wedding….which I might of enjoyed a little too much!

After the wedding I diligently started working on the idea of starting a catering company. I researched and worked at building my own business and had all the grunt work of how I was going to make this work down to every detail and ingredient.

My catering logo, designed by Thomas Higdon

About 6 months in I felt I had a good idea of the business but was lacking in efficient kitchen skills. I researched a few schools and in April of 2013 I started culinary school. I learned an incredible amount of knowledge and my love for food blossomed. I was able to spread the word about starting a catering company to friends and family and slowly started to get bookings!

Culinary School Graduation June, 2015

I continued school, working part-time jobs, and getting catering events every few months for the next 2 years….and in June of 2015 I graduated with my Associates of Science in Culinary Arts.

Along my little way in life I met a guy named Johnny; Johnny was funny, charming, different, and he stood out from all the rest…. He also chose a different path in life, the 9-5 job wasn’t quite his thing either. He is an artist and has carved his own path by also being an entrepreneur and having that hustle you can’t teach. He has a mural business, does commissioned artwork, is a tattoo artist out of Orange, CA. (Got to give bae a shout out, check out his instagram, @botiejedi), and he has owned and operated a successful clothing line. img_1428Needlesss to say, his drive, passion, and heart is what got me. We dated for a while before I introduced him to my daughter. As a single mother, it was important to me that the man I bring into my daughters life wasn’t just anybody. img_1427Being a mother comes first for me, and my hopes were that the man I would spend my life with would be able to also be a father figure to my little girl and that they could have a healthy relationship. Johnny did just that and more. He openly welcomed her into his life and has shown her love, acceptance, and support in every aspect. In May of 2015 we moved in together and started off on our little journey in life.


My third monumental moment happened around September 2015. img_1436I hit my unhealthiest weight at 198 lbs. I’ve always been overweight growing up, but never really realized how it has impacted my overall health.
Being 2 lbs. away from weighing 200 lbs. kind of shook me to reality. Now, it wasn’t necessarily the number I was stuck on but the realization of how honestly shitty I felt all the time.
I was caring around a lot of unnecessary weight and my body reacted by being tired, unmotivated, physical ailments, I had a weak immune system and got sick a lot… I had enough of how I had been treating my body. img_0823img_0912I started working out and eating healthy and that jump started an incredible transformation and journey not only in my physical form by losing 62 lbs. and weighing in currently at 136 lbs…
but also a transformation of mind and soul.
Being healthy is the best you and it feels damn good.


These little moments were big in my life and brought me to where I am in the now. Today and everyday is a new chance to create and do something you love, so do it. Whatever it is, do it. This blog is my creation of “doing it” hahaha I should of came up with a better tagline…. All I can think of are that’s what she said jokes….. Anways, If you read this entire thing, I seriously applaud you…. I talk in way too much detail. I hope YOU do it every day and always be your ripe little peachy self!