Festival Buns Hairstyle- How To

Buns! I LOVE doing this hairstyle, it makes me feel fun and playful. The first time I did my hair like this my daughter asked me if I was going to change my hair before we went to the store because she didn’t want people making fun of me. In her mind my hair was different from the “norm” she sees everyday and made a connection at just 5 years old that I might be treated differently for that. I was shocked that at 5, she had already seen examples of this ideology. After that wore off, I got excited about the opportunity I had before me. I got the opportunity to express, teach, and be an example for my daughter. I expressed to her how being different is what makes you you and to celebrate that difference every single day in which ever way it manifests. I told her, that today my difference and my you showed in my hairstyle and it may be silly, stupid, or even ugly to some people but for me my hair put a smile on my face and a extra bounce in my walk. (ladies you know what I’m talking about when your hairs on point and you love it, your walk and stature start to change). I also taught her about opinion…how everyone will always have one….and how some will be negative toward you or what you do. I firmly believe and have really grown in this concept within the last year that other peoples opinion especially negative opinions don’t matter. Someone else’s thought of you will never change who you are, its simply just a thought and in the grand scheme who is that person really to you? most likely no one. If you’re a good person and you do what makes you happy the right people will be there supporting you. I was that day and get to be an example for a young girl growing up in an ever changing world. I get to show her how to reach her full potential by being her authentic self every day regardless of what “society” or other people try to impress upon her. That is absolutely rewarding to me and has given this hairstyle meaning for me other than an expression of my creativity and playfulness. Check out the video tutorial on how I killed it with these mouse ear, festival buns below and keep being different and weird!



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