Sausage & Kale with Blood Orange

Yum yum yum! This one is tasty and super easy and quick to put together. I love kale especially when it is sautéed! If you’re not a kale lover try cooking it, it gives it a slightly different texture. Kale is so so good for the body and is a great vegetable to eat that’s high in vitamin c and k. Get your kale on. 

What you need to make magic:

• Yellow onion

• Bell pepper

• Cherry tomatoes

• Kale

• Blood Orange 

• Turkey Italian Sausage 

• Salt 

• Pepper

• Garlic Powder

• Coconut spread

• Brown Rice

How to make magic:

1. Cook sausage in sauté pan. Once cooked, remove from pan let cool and chop sausage. Set aside for later. 

2. Cook rice according to package directions and set aside for later. 

3. Add coconut spread to the sauté pan and add onions and bell pepper. Cook on med heat for about 8 min stirring occasionally. 

4. Add the chopped sausage, halved cherry tomatoes, kale, and spices. Stir and cover to let kale wilt slightly. About 2 minutes. 

5. Remove lid, stir until kale is slightly wilted but still has shape to it. Cut the blood orange in half and squeeze it straight over the pan. Stir. 

6. Remove from heat, and serve over brown rice. Enjoy! 


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