Netflix, Fort, & Chill


Babe and I are hopeless romantics at heart and also are homebodies so for date night we combined the two and came up with our own little img_6444Netflix and chill situation. Johnny is a master at creating something out of nothing so he got to work on building us a getaway fort completed with colorful lights of course. I made us some snacks, lit some candles to set the mood, and got netflix poppin. I can’t remember what we watched that night, sorry guys I’m terrible at that. It most likely was something superhero related, New Girl, a comedy, or a random netflix original. Those are definitely our go-tos.

Being that bae and I are homebodies this was such a fun night for us. We got to hang out, be comfortable, but still felt like we were going out or doing something different.

img_1752The fort was so cute and cozy and adding candles gave it that romantic getaway vibe but all in our living room with the best part of the kitchen being feet away. So needless to say guys, next time you’re looking for something fun and romantic to do with your loved one, build a fort, enjoy their company, and treat each other.



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