How I Lost Over 60 lbs.

Food has a 100% direct relationship to our bodies. Somewhere along the way we lost our connection with food which has caused us to lose our connection to Mother Earth from which it grows. Society got on a high speeding freeway of everything has to be bigger, better, and faster. There is a reason why we feel good when we eat good, it’s not rocket science guys…It’s our bodies working in tune with what you put into it. Most of us know this information, but we choose otherwise. We all took a health class at some point in our lives and have learned time and time again that our bodies thrive off of water and Whole Foods. I know I don’t have to put a picture up of the food pyramid we all have this hierarchy chart entwined in our minds. I can’t explain why, but we know what is good for us but a majority choose the quicker, “tastier”, unhealthy options. Again we find ourselves on this constant freeway moving at high speeds constantly looking for “what’s better?” Point blank, we are killing ourselves guys. I encourage you all to start reading the labels on the foods you buy for yourself and your loved ones, any ingredient you don’t recognize, google it. There are preservetives, added synthetic ingredients, chemicals, pesticides…. the list goes on and on. I don’t know about you but damn for me guys the thought of my food being PROCESSED (by definition: perform a series of mechanical or chemical operations on (something) in order to change or preserve it). in giant factories by heavy machinery and horrible conditions sounds like a nightmare. I want my food to be MADE (by definition: form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create.). by someone with a body and hands in a kitchen. There is no love is food anymore. Think about it… why does a good home cooked meal taste better and is more satisfying in all aspects even emotionally, it’s gratifying having that “home” warm fuzzy feeling I know you all have had. We humans crave connection, so start with connecting back to your food and watch your entire body change internally and physically. It’s not about losing weight or being skinny or fitting this mold society expects us to be. Once you experience true health there is no turning back. To say being healthy feels good doesn’t explain it, it’s far beyond feeling good. Anyways I’m done ranting and am going to get to what unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits I was doing on the daily and then give y’all a list of what I did to change that.

          At my unhealthiest I weighed 198 lbs.

Unhealthy Habits:

  • Eating mostly processed foods this includes but not limited to; Deli meats, canned veg/soups, kid friendly items like fruit snacks, pop tarts, crackers, frozen foods/meals, chips, refined grains, factory farmed meat or fish, boxed pre flavored side dishes, canned/bottled sauces.
  • Eating fast food almost every day, I typically ate Del Taco  a lot mostly because it was the cheapest.
  • Eating high fat foods with little to no nutritional content. For example, pizza, burritos, burgers, ice cream, sugar, candy, fried foods, fries… to name a few.
  • Eating until I felt gross instead of eating until I was satisfied just cause I felt like I had to finish it or it tasted good.
  • Inactive lifestyle, I watched a lot of tv and I used to be uncomfortable doing things and going out by myself so I would just stay at home all the time.


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Healthy Lifestyle Changes:

I don’t claim that doing this will make anyone lose weight. Everyone’s body is different and my path to health resulted in a change in my mind, body, and soul. I can whole heartily say though that living a healthy lifestyle and being healthy will absolutely change you in the most positive ways.

Okay, so I did this one step and day at a time. I didn’t go on a “diet” and I didn’t kill myself every single day at the gym. I slowly cut out the bad and added more good whole quality foods. I exercised, went on hikes or just a walk around the block some days, went to the gym for an hour, was more actively playing with my daughter, took up long boarding… just did a little more and got off my ass basically. I didn’t have a strenuous workout or exercise every single day. Sometimes I was at the gym 4 or 5 days a week, sometimes it was 1 or not at all for a week. The most important thing I did was change the way I eat. You are what you eat guys.

Currently my healthiest weighing at 136 lbs.


  • Cut out processed foods.
  • No more fast food or eating out. There were rare occasions where I had to eat out but in those cases just choose something healthier. My new go to fast food when I had to was subway, jamba juice/other juice bars…
  •  Cooked at home all the time, and took screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-27-18-amlunches to work instead of fast food or going hungry.
  • Cut out high fat foods. A majority of my eating habits consisted of high fat foods, so I cut ’em out! okay, okay I have to be honest here… I didn’t cut them out of my life completely… I mean, If you know me you know I have a tattoo of a burger and chicken & waffles….Clearly I like high fat foods. But for real, I still ate pizza burgers and that good stuff I just didn’t do it that often maybe once or twice a month.
  • Being more aware of how I actually feel while I eat. I ended up eating smaller portions and was able to stop eating before I over stuffed myself.
  • Switching from white/ bleached, and refined grains and flours to eating whole grains. examples include: brown rice, quinoa, couscous, farro, buckwheat, barley, oats, whole wheat bread
  • Eat more beans/legumes. Great options are black beans, lentils, navy beans, garbanzo beans,  red kidney beans, soybeans,
  • EAT YOUR FRUITS & VEGGIESscreen-shot-2016-12-12-at-1-22-48-pm
  • Get your protein in. I ate mostly chicken, ground turkey or turkey sausage, & red meat. Occasionally I ate fish mostly salmon, but I’m not a big fish person. If you are then up your fish intake.
  • Eat nuts! hahahaha. Eat seeds too. Butreally, almonds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, flaxseed, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, chia seed, pine nuts..
  • Cut out sugar and use natural sweeteners. Honey is my favorite choice but I love agave too.
  • EAT. Like actually eat guys. Don’t skip meals, get your breakfast in. There is no need to count calories and how much should I eat and a science to what you do. If your hungry choose something from your your kitchen that is now full of quality whole foods and eat it, enjoy it, and never feel guilty.




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