How To Grow Vegetables From Trimmings

Okay, so I don’t know about you guys, but I hate wasting stuff; especially food. This week I challenge you guys to be more aware of how much waste you have, whether it be scraps from food, tossed leftovers that didn’t get eaten, rotten vegetables/fruits, or whatever you might toss in the trash can. As a Chef, food waste is $$$ down the drain. Guys if it don’t make money, it don’t make sense….

I started paying attention to my food waste and realized I could definitely use more of my scraps before resorting to the trash can.img_4375I wanted to explore a little more on different ways I could use my fruit and veggie scraps and get more benefit and nutrition from them, but also the money I’m spending spreads further! Bae actually suggested that we start our own garden and I was sold! Riley and I googled some tips on how to properly plant our veggie scraps and got to work. We also started collecting our organic materials to make our own compost. See below some other ideas to use your “waste”

uses for scraps/leftovers: Vegetable stock, compost, re-plant & re-grow, food banks, Drive around at night and give a plate to the homeless you see.

Water every few days and wait for growth! Transfer to a bigger pot if need be.

Avocado pit


1 clove of garlic, 1 onion root butt, jalapeño seeds, mini sweet pepper seeds, popsicle sticks (labeled), Organic potting soil, pots


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