Fringed Jeans

YES YES YES. imageThe Instagram worthy super trendy fringed jeans that are all over your feed right now are easy to make yourself. I don’t like spending a fortune on clothes and while I love fashion and a good high-end brand, I can’t rationalize spending $200.00 for a pair of jeans. So if I can’t find what I like in stores at a decent price, I resort to making my own shit. It ends up
feeling so much better creating my own original piece. I know no one will have that exact pair, and I can really fringe it up or down depending how I want it. img_9612 


 So I was too excited to make these pants that I didn’t do a tutorial or take step by step pictures…. fail… but it happens. I’ll do my best to explain how I made Instagram-worthy jeans out of a pair of jeans I bought on sale at H&M for $9.99.

So I started with cutting straight across the bottom of each pant leg. (Cut as much off as you would like, the more you cut off the higher up the fringe will be on your ankle.) Cut lengthwise strips up each pant leg, once those are done take scissors or use your fingers to shred or fringe each strip you cut.   That’s it!! It’s super easy but it’s time consuming so grab a glass of wine ladies, put on your favorite Netflix series, and make some magic. 



Hat: San Diego Zoo gift shop, San Diego, CA

Gold Chain:

Shirt: Men’s Adidas Originals TEE

Jacket: WHOWHATWEAR Makes the jacket, but I bought it at Target.

Flannel Shirt: Bae’s Closet

Jeans: Originally bought from H&M on sale for $9.99, fringe detail done by yours truly.


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