One Sided

Have you ever started doing your hair or makeup and you’re half way through and just don’t feel like doing it anymore?            no?                                  just me?  Well that’s basically what happened with this hairstyle, I didn’t feel like braiding the other side; so I didn’t. Check out the photo below for a closer look and bless you for any attempt at following this how-to you’re about to read.


Step 1:  Separate hair down the middle into 2 parts. Place one part in a messy bun off to the side to keep out of your way.

Step 2: Divide small section from the top of your head to make the braid hold onto it and then gather the remainder of the hair and tie it back while you do your braid.

Step 3: The BRAID. Braid that small braid nice and pretty down one side of the top of that head. Once the braid reaches the back of your head, hold onto it or bobby’s pin it down

Step 4: Now grab the section of hair you set to the side while braiding and add the braid to the handful of hair, keeping your grip tight at the crown of your head where the braid ends. Now that you have a hold of it all and sides are smoothed down put it in a messy bun. pin down any crazy pieces.

Step 5: This step is the easiest. Take the other side of your hair that has been just hanging out and put in a somewhat similar looking messy bun as the other side, and pin down those sweet little baby hairs that you haven’t gotten laid down.

Step 6: Slay with your new hairstyle and when people ask, one braid was totally intentional….




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