Tattoos and Getting Inked

Ouch! Yes, the “myth” and number one question a majority of people have about tattoos, does it hurt? Yes, yes it does. BUT don’t run away from the needles just yet there is good news! If your pain tolerance is low, needles just aren’t your thing, or maybe you’re a first timer rest easy, there are things you can do to be a little more comfortable.

If you’re worried about how bad it is going to hurt, from personal experience, (it is different for everyone) it’s not that bad. I mean it is not a comfortable feeling but it also is not unbearable. I measure my pain tolerance based of off previous painful experiences my body has already been through; so basically, I was able to go through the pain of childbirth and the screaming vagina pain no one tells you about afterwards for a few weeks and that’s nothing compared to a few hours for a permanent work of art.

The first and without a doubt the most important rule to live by when getting a tattoo is the choice of artist. It is extremely important to find a good artist that knows what they are doing. Tattooing has come a long way since Sailor Jerry’s time, and is almost hospital like in nature now with how clean the environment, equipment, and artist needs to be throughout the process. A good tattoo artist will be clean, professional, an artist (not just someone who traces lines.), and will be able to create a great image and make you as the client positive and happy with what and where you are getting your new permanent piece!

After you have found your artist and are set on your design there are a few other considerations that come into play…..Where should I get my tattoo? Well, this depends on a few different factors….

  • What the image is and where it would lay best based on the natural curves on your body. Don’t worry, this is something your artist is a pro at and they can help you decide on placement if you are unsure.
  • If pain is something you are worried about; take into consideration that different areas on the body can hurt more or less. Some areas that cause some pretty gnarly pain are stomach, chest/nipples, foot, ribs, and under arms. Most tattoo artists also have numbing cream!
  • Career. There are still some places out there that have strict rules towards tattoos. If you have a job or are looking to get a job that would have tight restrictions, let your artist know that this limits where you can get inked.

Getting tattooed can be a whole day event, multiple sessions, or it can take a few minutes. This all depends on the image, size of the tattoo, and your artist. For those of you going for it, and getting some serious work done, always make sure you are well rested, hydrated, and eat! For the first timers, rest easy, it’s not as bad as you make it seem in your head. Mind over matter is the key here. Tattooing, especially large pieces and multiple hours of sitting through a tattoo does affect your body physically, so come well prepared! Check out some of my tattoo art below from my #tattooartist Johnny Bryan. Instagram: @botiejedi



Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.35.51 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 12.37.24 PM



2017-07-19 19.08.46
Tattoo Artist: Johnny Bryan                        Instagram: @Botiejedi

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