Pink Hair, Don’t Care

I did it, I finally grabbed my lady balls and did something drastic with my look. For years growing up I always wanted to have fun and be creative with my hair but I was not allowed to. It was a rule in my household that we could only have natural hair color or we could bleach it blonde… BLEH!!!! As a creative kid I hated this, but hated my natural hair color more so I would settle for the blonde highlights like tiger stripes. (ladies you all remember this look well.) Any who, by the time I was a senior in high school I was dying my hair myself but kept it a safe color so my mom wouldn’t totally freak out. It would vary between shades of brown to blonde but still, I felt so bored.

I slowly started playing with my hair more once I turned 18, but still it was pretty “safe” colors. I went from Dark brown hair to reddish brown, and eventually bleach blonde. Once I went super blonde, I knew I wanted to start playing with actual color! Ya girl is on a budget and I also like doing my own hair. If you read my about me; (you’re amazing, who reads those?) then you learned I was going to attend Cosmetology school before I went to Culinary school. So this meant a trip to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store. I filled my basket with the necessities, went home, put on my favorite ripped t-shirt with all my other hair colors stained on it and got to work.  Check out the products I used below!

  • Hair Color mixing bowl & Brush (any brand works, pick your favorite color to make it more fun!)
  • Gloves: They sell some packages that have bowls, gloves, and a brush in one)
  • Hair Dye: I used CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL: Flare me; vivid permanent cream color. Shade: Make ’em blush pink.
  • Developer: CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL: Pure White; 10vol. cream developer.


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