Simply Divine at Hollywood Forever

This past weekend March 24, 2018 I got the opportunity to be the media photographer and cover Simply Divine’s premiere food and wine event for LGBT people and their allies! Johnny and I joined hundreds of other foodies for a walk amongst the dead at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Simply Divine featured over 70 of LA’s finest eats & drinks. As you walk down the middle of the venue under the beautifully lit string lights, there are tents on both sides filling the air with the most heavenly smells. Great event for foodies and alcohol connoisseurs alike to join together mingling, deciding what to eat or drink next! From eats offered by The Black Cat which was the site of the first LGBT civil rights protest in the U.S. to the best from Chef Susan Feniger of Border Grill; their was something delicious and inspired to munch on for everyone. If you have a sweet tooth, then rest easy, their were plenty of sweets, ice cream, and even a doughnut photo wall by Huntington Hospitality to indulge in! Not only was this event great for those who love to eat and drink; but it was amazing seeing so many people and businesses come together in support of the LGBT community and all proceeds will help support the LA LGBTcenter. Check out some of my favorite photos below!
IMG_0047 (1)
Donut photo wall by Huntington Hospitality


IMG_0078 (1)
Susan Feniger – Co-chef and owner of Border Grill, cookbook author, radio & TV personality, and restaurateur.
Susan Feniger and Border Grill team
Photo Mar 24, 9 02 58 PM (1)
Left: Jeffery King (Instagram:      Right: Tai Brown (Instagram:
IMG_0070 (1)
Huntington Hospitality with the fabulous donut photo wall, where you can take the best food photo, and receive a free print! 

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